Quick start guide
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Is my data protected when using Gratitude Tree?

Yes. We do not collect any identifying information. You can add a leaf or a tree anonymously.

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Is Gratitude Tree research ethically approved?

The Gratitude Tree research team is committed to producing original, peer-reviewed research. Our research studies are always reviewed by the research ethics boards of the universities involved. They are pre-registered, and adhere to open data practices to help us reduce bias and ensure ethical integrity.

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What happens to inappropriate leaves?

Our digital woodcutters reserve the right to “prune” trees that become diseased with non-thankful content.

How do I get started?

How to add a leaf

Add a gratitude leaf to an existing tree, to show your appreciation in a short message

Click on the Forest of Thanks tab, choose from an existing tree, type your message, choose a different leaf colour if you want, and click add a leaf!

How to add a leaf

How to plant a tree

Plant a new gratitude tree. You and other people can add leaves to thank the same person or group of people.

Click on the Plant a Tree tab, write a tree name, write a short description, select your tree template, and click plant a tree!


How to share a tree

Share your gratitude leaf or tree through Twitter and Facebook.

Click on one of the Twitter or Facebook icons. Add some text to the links generated by Gratitude Tree, so that people on social media can see your message and access Gratitude Tree themselves.


How to search

Search for an existing gratitude leaf or tree to see what other people have written.

Click on the Forest of Thanks tab, type in your search term, make your search selections, and hit enter.


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