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Forest of Thanks

Gratitude tree called: The Big Bug Tree with 1 leaves
The Big Bug Tree
Latest leaf: February 28 2023 03:07

This tree has been planted to help us to gain perspective during the tough times and keep the enthusiasm.

Gratitude tree called: Lero Centre Review with 22 leaves
Lero Centre Review
Latest leaf: February 27 2023 09:19

An opportunity to thank the many colleagues involved in the Lero centre midterm international review.

Gratitude tree called: danielmed010 with 6 leaves
Latest leaf: February 24 2023 08:51

Gratitude tree called: Team PGCE with 17 leaves
Latest leaf: March 02 2023 09:29

Gratitude tree called: Tree of Self-care with 6 leaves
Tree of Self-care
Latest leaf: February 14 2023 11:30

This tree represents by journey towards achieving self-care after going through a turbulent time in my life

Gratitude tree called: Valentine with 0 leaves
Latest leaf: None

Gratitude tree called: NFQ Lovely day with 2 leaves
NFQ Lovely day
Latest leaf: February 09 2023 10:16

Love board - Lovely day- Lovely you - Lovely us

Gratitude tree called: Alliance Spiritual Wellness Tree with 0 leaves
Alliance Spiritual Wellness Tree
Latest leaf: None

Let us know how you attend to your spiritual wellness.

Gratitude tree called: Spiritual Wellness Tree with 15 leaves
Spiritual Wellness Tree
Latest leaf: April 04 2023 17:21

Gratitude tree called: Families Together with 3 leaves
Families Together
Latest leaf: January 30 2023 20:58

Family Gratitude

Gratitude tree called: Cultivating gratitude with 2 leaves
Cultivating gratitude
Latest leaf: February 06 2023 17:32

Gratitude tree called: Positivit-tree with 2 leaves
Latest leaf: February 04 2023 23:21