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Forest of Thanks

Gratitude tree called: School of Environment, Earth and Ecosystem Sciences with 10 leaves
School of Environment, Earth and Ecosystem Sciences
Latest leaf: August 02 2021 18:53

We are an inclusive, diverse and friendly community of Open University staff and students that is fascinated by the natural world around us. This tree is for staff and students to say thank you for the work and study we're undertaking at this challenging time.

Gratitude tree called: Engineering and Innovation, The Open University with 17 leaves
Engineering and Innovation, The Open University
Latest leaf: August 02 2021 13:02

For everyone in E&I to say ‘thank you’ for support and help they have received during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Gratitude tree called: OU Practical Engineering 1 with 64 leaves
OU Practical Engineering 1
Latest leaf: July 26 2021 14:02

For students, tutors and the module team to reflect and say 'thank you' for any help they have received in working with the home experiment kits which replaced residential schools cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic. For every tree filled up the T176/T276 module team will plant a real tree. If this tree is full look in the forest for the next one ( they will be numbered sequentially)

Gratitude tree called: University of Chichester Psychology and Criminology Programmes with 5 leaves
University of Chichester Psychology and Criminology Programmes
Latest leaf: June 08 2021 12:13

This is for all students and staff who are studying and working on Psychology and Criminology Programmes. Thanks to all of you for your hard work and reslience in such a difficult year.

Gratitude tree called: Eid Mubarak with 13 leaves
Eid Mubarak
Latest leaf: May 13 2021 11:29

To provide thanks and congratulations, and to celebrate Eid Al Fitr - the muslim holiday commemorating the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

Gratitude tree called: #InternationalNursesDay with 7 leaves
Latest leaf: May 12 2021 19:32

Thank you nurses!

Gratitude tree called: Baseball with 0 leaves
Latest leaf: None

The love of the game

Gratitude tree called: ERC with 13 leaves
Latest leaf: May 07 2021 07:52

To thank the ERC and its grantees for their contributions!

Gratitude tree called: Open University Students with 7 leaves
Open University Students
Latest leaf: August 16 2021 13:53

Thanks to the incredible Open University students for their drive and resilience, and to the support of their amazing tutors.

Gratitude tree called: Beautiful Sussex with 5 leaves
Beautiful Sussex
Latest leaf: July 15 2021 14:48

Places that share nature and organise fresh air events.

Gratitude tree called: Gratitude Tree with 10 leaves
Gratitude Tree
Latest leaf: April 19 2021 01:25

For anyone grateful to have an online space to say thank you after a difficult year

Gratitude tree called: Milton Keynes Vihara with 7 leaves
Milton Keynes Vihara
Latest leaf: March 31 2021 12:35

Sharing gratitude and appreciation for the community around the Milton Keynes Buddhist Vihara