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Forest of Thanks

Gratitude tree called: Wonderful with 32 leaves
Latest leaf: December 28 2021 20:50

Gratitude tree called: 3A Baccio with 32 leaves
3A Baccio
Latest leaf: December 27 2021 10:24

I'm thankful for …,,,,

Gratitude tree called: School of Computing & Communications with 68 leaves
School of Computing & Communications
Latest leaf: December 24 2021 09:49

Sharing appreciation for colleagues in the OU's School of Computing & Communications

Gratitude tree called: Sams Tree with 10 leaves
Sams Tree
Latest leaf: December 22 2021 19:59

Sam stuff

Gratitude tree called: SEAD / SPARE Research with 21 leaves
SEAD / SPARE Research
Latest leaf: December 21 2021 20:39

Thanks to the great mutual support provided by members of the OU's SEAD research group and Lero's SPARE research group

Gratitude tree called: Beta Epsilon Tree with 11 leaves
Beta Epsilon Tree
Latest leaf: December 20 2021 11:06

A 92 year old Tree of Brotherhood

Gratitude tree called: AllCardTech with 31 leaves
Latest leaf: December 20 2021 09:57

what we're thankful for in 2021

Gratitude tree called: gRED ClinOps Gratitude Tree with 39 leaves
gRED ClinOps Gratitude Tree
Latest leaf: December 17 2021 18:56

Please post what you are grateful and hopeful for the coming year. Whenever possible, kindly make sure to add your name at the end of your message too. This virtual tree will be transformed as a "physical tree" once we are back on campus.

Kindly continue to share even after the meeting. (Note: we can have physical leaves that people can actually continue to write gratitudes and hope when we are back in the office as well throughout the year.) Thank you!!

Gratitude tree called: PS Gratitude Tree with 31 leaves
PS Gratitude Tree
Latest leaf: December 17 2021 13:48

A place for PS colleagues to say 'thank you', post good wishes and share their gratitude for everything and anything they wish.

Gratitude tree called: Test tree with 2 leaves
Test tree
Latest leaf: December 16 2021 18:38

Gratitude tree called: Tree with 16 leaves
Latest leaf: December 13 2021 01:44

Stress management

Gratitude tree called: EMEA & LATAM Admin Tree  with 6 leaves
EMEA & LATAM Admin Tree
Latest leaf: December 10 2021 12:15

On Gratitude InDay, I invite you to share what you are grateful for by adding a leaf to our EMEA & LATAM Admin Gratitude Tree. Happy InDay, everyone. Alison