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Forest of Thanks

Gratitude tree called: Anna Lewis with 2 leaves
Anna Lewis
Latest leaf: July 29 2021 13:33

Grateful to my friend Anna and all she did, love rozie x

Gratitude tree called: My mum's care home - and alll carers for people with dementia with 1 leaves
My mum's care home - and alll carers for people with dementia
Latest leaf: July 29 2021 13:31

Springbank Care Home in Chesterfield took my mum on in Jan 21 at the height of the second lockdown and did such a wonderful job to keep her feeling safe, cared for and entertained. Despite all the challenges and additional responsibilities they have done a great job. Thank you to all those who look after people with dementia - its isn't easy or much fun at times..

Gratitude tree called: OU Practical Engineering 1 with 64 leaves
OU Practical Engineering 1
Latest leaf: July 26 2021 14:02

For students, tutors and the module team to reflect and say 'thank you' for any help they have received in working with the home experiment kits which replaced residential schools cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic. For every tree filled up the T176/T276 module team will plant a real tree. If this tree is full look in the forest for the next one ( they will be numbered sequentially)

Gratitude tree called: Exeter Psychology with 9 leaves
Exeter Psychology
Latest leaf: July 24 2021 21:36

To express thanks to all colleagues and students in the Exeter psychology department.

Gratitude tree called: Robin Hood Academy Primary School with 31 leaves
Robin Hood Academy Primary School
Latest leaf: July 23 2021 18:52

This tree is to give thanks to the wonderful staff of Robin Hood Academy for all they've done for our children, especially during the pandemic!

Gratitude tree called: Winslow CoE primary School with 0 leaves
Winslow CoE primary School
Latest leaf: None

Thanks to all the staff for looking after stressed out, anxious and unsettled children and parents during the pandemic. Their kindness, resilience and passion for learning and wellbeing shone through. They must be exhausted but they still keep going.

Gratitude tree called: Eid Al Adha with 16 leaves
Eid Al Adha
Latest leaf: July 20 2021 22:18

A tree to give thanks on the occasion of Eid Al Adha 2021.

Gratitude tree called: KCHFT Sexual Heath with 0 leaves
KCHFT Sexual Heath
Latest leaf: None

Gratitude tree called: Baskerville School with 6 leaves
Baskerville School
Latest leaf: July 20 2021 08:19

This gratitude tree is for staff, students and parents of Baskerville School. We are a warm, caring, aspirational school for secondary students with autism. Our core values are Resilience, Aspiration, Respect, and Compassion.

Gratitude tree called: Thank you Teachers with 1 leaves
Thank you Teachers
Latest leaf: July 19 2021 07:56

Huge thank you to the amazing teachers who have kept our children learning, whilst learning how to work online themselves, and often parenting too

Gratitude tree called: Thank you to everyone who has made a difference with 2 leaves
Thank you to everyone who has made a difference
Latest leaf: July 18 2021 19:23

Life, living and surviving the pandemic with the help love and support of others

Gratitude tree called: Paramedics with 1 leaves
Latest leaf: July 16 2021 22:58