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Forest of Thanks

Gratitude tree called: DC Prep Clinicians with 2 leaves
DC Prep Clinicians
Latest leaf: November 10 2023 14:55

Gratitude tree called: Johnston SDA Church  with 0 leaves
Johnston SDA Church
Latest leaf: None

Let's give thanks for all the wonderful things God has done for us!

Gratitude tree called: L4L with 6 leaves
Latest leaf: November 09 2023 23:09

Why are we so thankful to be a part of this team...

Gratitude tree called: CT TEK  with 3 leaves
Latest leaf: November 09 2023 21:59

Team recognition

Gratitude tree called: NS/S Crisis Crusaders with 1 leaves
NS/S Crisis Crusaders
Latest leaf: November 09 2023 19:51

This gratitude tree is a place for the counselors and managers on our team to reflect on the gratitude we feel for the many gifts we have

Gratitude tree called: Karlstrom's Class Tree with 12 leaves
Karlstrom's Class Tree
Latest leaf: November 09 2023 19:13

Gratitude tree called: Karlstroms tree with 2 leaves
Karlstroms tree
Latest leaf: November 09 2023 17:56


Gratitude tree called: BBBS Match Support with 0 leaves
BBBS Match Support
Latest leaf: None

This tree is a visual representation of GRATITUDE

Think about: co-worker shout-outs, matches on your caseload you look forward to chatting with, family/friends/pets who support you throughout the work day, your favorite coffee mug or tea cup...anything goes!

Gratitude tree called: Wilson  with 1 leaves
Latest leaf: November 09 2023 12:36

Giving thanks

Gratitude tree called: Gratitude Tree, ISMN MS with 35 leaves
Gratitude Tree, ISMN MS
Latest leaf: November 08 2023 17:33

Gratitude tree called: Gratitude Tree 2023 with 2 leaves
Gratitude Tree 2023
Latest leaf: November 08 2023 17:10

Tree of thanks

Gratitude tree called: CD with 49 leaves
Latest leaf: November 08 2023 15:48