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Forest of Thanks

Gratitude tree called: MASS CUE with 0 leaves
Latest leaf: None

What are you grateful for?

Gratitude tree called: LCCS with 4 leaves
Latest leaf: October 05 2023 16:04

Gratitude tree called: Evoco Gratitude Tree with 15 leaves
Evoco Gratitude Tree
Latest leaf: October 05 2023 13:29

Let's Create Our Gratitude Tree Together!

As we continue to foster a culture of appreciation and positivity within our workplace, we are excited to introduce a creative and symbolic activity that will allow us to collectively express our gratitude and celebrate the positive aspects of our journey together.

The Evoco Tree is a symbolic representation of our shared appreciation and gratitude. It's an opportunity for each of us to acknowledge and celebrate the moments, experiences, and people that have made a positive impact on us at work.

Gratitude tree called: Gratitude 001 with 1 leaves
Gratitude 001
Latest leaf: October 05 2023 04:11

Gratitude Tree

Gratitude tree called: 1st Test with 4 leaves
1st Test
Latest leaf: October 04 2023 09:34

What are you thankful of in your life?

Gratitude tree called: CPEI Gratitude Tree with 20 leaves
CPEI Gratitude Tree
Latest leaf: October 03 2023 20:37

Gratitude tree called: Northern Lights Gratitude Tree with 1 leaves
Northern Lights Gratitude Tree
Latest leaf: October 02 2023 19:47

Gratitude tree called: IntouchCx Gratitude Tree with 40 leaves
IntouchCx Gratitude Tree
Latest leaf: October 02 2023 19:29

This reminds us to focus on the positive aspects of life, to express our thanks, and to acknowledge the countless things we often take for granted. It's a day that transcends borders and cultures, uniting people in a shared sense of gratitude.

Gratitude tree called: SPG Gratitude Tree with 4 leaves
SPG Gratitude Tree
Latest leaf: September 28 2023 18:08

Gratitude tree called: Josefa Best Generation with 14 leaves
Josefa Best Generation
Latest leaf: September 22 2023 21:43

Las Gracias a Dios y a cada uno de los integrantes de este salón de clases que lleva 43 años de aventuras, y que me regaló la oportunidad de seguir teniéndolos en mi vida. Sergio

Gratitude tree called: LATAM STAY SAFE with 46 leaves
Latest leaf: September 22 2023 14:37

Gratitude tree called: Mt Clear Tree with 0 leaves
Mt Clear Tree
Latest leaf: None